May 1, 2017

Business Email Address

Email branding is probably not something you’ve given much thought to, but what impression is your business email address saying about your business? How does your email effect your company’s branding?

For many small business owners, the first thing they do is create a business email address, even before registering a domain name. Unfortunately, this is completely backwards.

Because most business owners start out with a shoestring budget, trying to save money is important. Creating a Gmail, Yahoo, or AOL account is easy, and free. But the truth is, this type of generic email address sends the wrong message to anyone who sees it.

Communication is key in business. The method you use to communicate is even more important. What you say and how you say it speaks volumes to your customers about your professionalism and the quality of your products or services. When a potential customer, employee, or business partner sees a business email from you through one of these free services, it tells them you’re serious enough about your professional image.

In this competitive technical world we live in, it is essential for your business that you have a professional business email address on a domain name specifically for your business. The unfortunate truth is, people judge a book by its cover and a first impression can often make or break you. All of your competitors have professional business email addresses; to effectively compete with them, you should too.

If you’re ready for a professional business email address, we can help!